University Halls

University of London Intercollegiate Halls

These are student halls of residence, with rooms allocated to the different institutions belonging to the University of London (of which the School is one).

For 2019/20, the School has an allocation of 45 rooms in the following halls: 

Please see below for a description of room types that we have allocated in each hall.

Please note: LSHTM students can only apply for rooms in the halls which have been allocated to LSHTM (listed above). It is not possible to apply for rooms in other UoL halls which are not part of LSHTM’s quota.

Applications for a room in Intercollegiate Halls will open on Friday 17th May and close on Friday 19th July. All applications submitted within this period will be considered (i.e. it is not first come, first served).

Full-time students with a conditional or unconditional offer from the School can apply for the halls. However when making offers for rooms, we will prioritise those with unconditional offers, so we suggest you meet the conditions of your offer as soon as possible if you want to apply for halls. To check your offer conditions, you should refer to your offer letter or email the Admissions team.

Intercollegiate halls tenancies usually start in mid September and last until mid to late June (allowing students to stay in the same accommodation until the main MSc exams). If you decide to stay in London beyond that, the accommodation provider may move you to a different room within the same building, or to a different hall. Students in halls will be asked to decide around February/March each year whether they would like to stay longer.

Please note that competition for these halls is high so we recommend that you also look into alternative accommodation in case you are not offered a place.

Applications for 2019/20 are now closed.

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