Mollik Bai

Mollik Bai

Business man | Bangladesh

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Educational/professional background

I’ve been working for nearly twenty years in the field of scientific publishing, dealing with medical societies, clinicians and pharmaceutical companies.

Why I chose LSHTM/my course

With a background in international management and foreign languages, a postgraduate degree in science would represent the next step forward for me, as a professional, to better understand how to improve my expertise during my daily exchanges with a variety of high level stakeholders in the field of academia and medical research when presenting or dealing with complex editorial projects including medical writing, education and communication for healthcare professionals.

The LSHTM is a world renowned, highly respected school amongst clinicians especially in the fields of infectious diseases and public health. A better and more in-depth understanding of the implications of clinical trials for clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, medical societies and patients with a view to publishing such outcomes has already proved to be a great asset for me since the very beginning of the course.

I’m a true believer in life-long learning and like to challenge myself to the next level of incompetence, as in Peter’s principle!

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